When to Get Wrongful Termination Help!

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Wrongful Termination Attorneys

If you have been terminated from your job for an unfair reason, you may claim wrongful termination. You can file a complaint with the appropriate authority in your state. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can seek advice from Wrongful Termination Attorneys.

When to Take Action?

Here are some of the conditions in which you can seek the help of Wrongful Termination Attorneys. But you may also see a lawyer in many other cases:

  • If you are fired or transferred so that you couldn’t collect your sales commissions.
  • Fabricating false reasons to terminate you so as to put another low-pay worker in your place.
  • Providing false performance data to you and claiming that you are less likely to get wage increases or promotion.
  • Transferring you time and again to remote and hazardous locations or on undesirable projects to force you to leave the job without collecting any benefits that is normally your right.

When you are fired wrongfully, you may have rights to damages, severance pay, and even compensation for unemployment. You should speak with experienced Wrongful Termination Attorneys to fully understand your rights. They will also help you make the right decisions for further action against the employer.

Severance Pay

The employer should pay the severance pay only when the contract says so and the terms are fulfilled. It should also be paid if it is printed in the employee manual or handbook. But as a worker who has been wrongfully terminated, you can negotiate a severance pay with the promise that you will not make a legal claim. In doing so, you should get the help of a lawyer. Many times it is not just the severance package that can right the wrong. You will have to be compensated more for the damage caused to your career.

Termination with Discrimination

By law, discrimination is illegal at the workplace. Your employer cannot remove even at-will workers for such reasons. If you think you were terminated due to your color, race, gender, age, place of origin, religion, disability or pregnancy, you must get the help of Wrongful Termination Attorneys.

If you are going to take legal action, make sure to act in time. There are certain limits on how long you can wait before filing a claim of discrimination. It will vary from one state to another and it will be best to ask the Wrongful Termination Attorneys.

Termination for Retaliation

You can also consider taking legal action if your employer has fired you as a measure of retaliation. in this case, you must be able to prove that you were terminated as a retaliatory action for your legally protected activity.

You may have filed a complaint with the employer of discrimination or harassment. If your employer warned you for filing the complaint and fired you, it is an illegal act on their part. You can also get help from Wrongful Termination Attorneys if your employer denied you a promotion, pay raise, or gave negative review despite good performance for your legally protected action.