A Guide on Stopping Workplace Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment Lawyer

A larger percentage of women now go to work than ever before. This has contributed to both economic and social development, while giving economic independence to women. Despite the massive social improvements, more women suffer harassment at the workplace. If you face any sexual conduct or advances from anyone at your workplace, you should seek the help of a Sexual Harassment Lawyer.

This guide will provide you valuable information on what can constitute sexual harassment and how to seek an attorney’s help.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment at the workplace usually comes from a supervisor, coworker, vendor, employer, or even a customer. It can take any of the following forms:

  • A group of coworkers tell sexual jokes/stories regularly so that you can hear it. They start teasing you directly when you ask them to stop it.
  • Your supervisor asks you regularly for a date. If he/she warns you that you should take your performance review in account for denying the advances, you should consider seeing a Sexual Harassment Lawyer.
  • If you are a marketing or sales rep and face sexual harassment at the hand of a client. If you complain to your employer and get no remedial action, you should seek legal course with the help of a Sexual Harassment Lawyer.

Reporting Sexual Harassment

When you face workplace sexual harassment from anyone, you should immediately ask them to stop. In some cases the offenders don’t realize that their behavior is wrong. Make it clear to the person that if he doesn’t stop with the conduct, the issue could end up in a court. It is highly likely that the conduct may stop and you can focus on your job. Many times the harasser doesn’t heed the warning. In many cases, the victims are not ready to confront the offender. In such a case you should complain to your employer. You can contact the Human Resources department to make the complaint.

It is your legal right that the employer provides you an non-hostile and safe environment to work in. Most employers have a policy to report sexual harassment. Make sure your complaint is registered before you take legal course through a Sexual Harassment Lawyer. However, you can take advice of the lawyer before filing any complaint to ensure that you are well prepared. In other words, you must first follow the company’s complaint procedure before the employer can be held responsible in a court of law for failing to address your problem effectively.

Getting Legal Help. Do you need A Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Many times victims of workplace harassment are not satisfied with the way their employer handles their complaint. If that is the case, you should file a complaint your state’s employment practices agencies. Here again, a Sexual Harassment Lawyer can provide you valuable help in taking the right steps. In some states it is required to file a charge with such an agency before a lawsuit can be filed.

So keep all these points in mind and make sure to take the right steps to stop any experience of workplace sexual harassment.