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If you were recently fired from your job or suspect that you’re going to be, you may be mulling over contacting a wrongful termination lawyer. We can imagine that it’s a hard time for you, you’re stressed, anxious and upset. As difficult as it may be this is the time for you to stay really calm and do the right things to ensure you win the law suit.

Assess your chances

One of the reasons to stay calm is to assess if you really need a wrongful termination lawyer. If you’ve been fired already, this shouldn’t be that difficult. One of the most important signs of wrongful termination is the lack of reasons or justification. If you were given no reasons or they seemed really flimsy, and you suspect that real reason is something else – for instance, hiring someone known to the management in your place – it’s a good sign that you have been wrongfully termination. Look for a good wrongful termination lawyer soon! Obvious signs like walked out of the office without notice by the security, swear words, aggression are not hard to decipher and you know you could possibly have a winning law suit on your hands! Another reason to fight for justice is if you were promised a good severance package at the time of termination and received a compromised severance.

If you still work for the company and notice signs that the employer wants you to leave and is being underhanded about it, such as humiliating you in front of other employees, reducing your responsibilities and not being nice about it may be signs that you need a professional and committed wrongful termination lawyer to help your situation.

After the decision

Once you contact a wrongful termination lawyer, you will be given instructions on what you should and should not do to protect your situation. Make sure you follow all the instructions to ensure that nothing is used against you. Remember, in a law suit, it’s usually the little things that can swing the case in or against your favor. For instance, if you haven’t been fired yet and almost confident that you’re going to be, your wrongful termination lawyer might advise you not to resign. As hard as it may be to accept, resignation does not work in the favor of the employee. Also, use common sense while conducting yourself. Don’t do things that may be used to paint a negative picture of you to the jury.