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Do I Need A Sexual Harassment Attorney?

               Sexual harassment often disguises itself in different forms and it can be difficult for the victim to decide what to do. It can occur in different forms such as a dirty joke, pictures that make you feel uncomfortable, and improper touching. If you face any kind of inappropriate conduct of sexual nature at job, you should get the help of a sexual harassment attorney. It will help in not only stopping the culprit from taking further steps but also in getting you compensated.

               There are different types of sexual harassment cases and this guide will touch upon them to ensure that you know when to get the help of a sexual harassment attorney.

There are 2 Types of Sexual Harassment Cases:

1. Quid Pro Quo

               This type of sexual harassment takes place when you are able to keep your job or get a promotion because you submitted to the sexual advances made by a supervisor or senior. If you are rejected a promotion or dismissed from job on rejecting such advances, it will again fall under this category. Any comment of sexual nature will also be considered a case of Quid Pro Quo harassment.

               If a worker submits to such advances, it doesn’t disqualify them from making a complaint or taking legal action. If you change your mind in the future, you can get help from a sexual harassment attorney.

2. Hostile Environment

               When the sexual harassment comes from any colleague without any impact on your promotion or job security, but makes your work environment hostile, it is classified as hostile environment sexual harassment. It can be in any form and affects your ability to work. It could be in the form of too personal questions of sexual nature or use of offensive language. It can also involve showing offensive pictures. There may be a conduct of sexual nature.

Non-Direct Sexual Harassment

               Even those who were not the direct targets of sexual harassment could seek legal action with the help of a sexual harassment attorney. For example, if you failed to get a promotion that you rightfully deserved because some other colleague submitted to sexual advances by a supervisor and got promoted, you can complain and seek legal course.

               There are different types of experiences that should encourage you to complain or get the help of a sexual harassment attorney. These include the following:

  • Sexual bribery which involves getting offered some benefit against some sexual favors.
  • Sexual jokes or teasing that involves inappropriate humor.
  • Making sexist remarks or demeaning comments against women.
  • When there is unwanted physical contact.
  • Getting inappropriate gifts.
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               Even when someone harasses you based on your sexual orientation, you should get help from a sexual harassment attorney.Someone who coerces you into sexual acts, even through sweet talks, should be brought to the book. Once you are clear on all these points you will be able to take right course in getting the offender punished. If your complaint to the employer goes unheeded or without any results, your legal course should also take action against the company.