Wrongful Termination Facts

wrongful termination facts

              Losing a job can be a very bad experience learning Wrongful Termination Facts can help protect you. It can have long term impact on your career and even other aspects of your life. The sudden loss of income is another important concern. If you think that you have been wrongfully terminated, you can make a stand against the wrongdoing. There are provisions for employees to fight a wrongful termination case. Before you take any such steps, make sure you know when you have better chances of winning.

Is There is a Written Contract of Employment?

              Many times employers will offer the job based on a contract. In such a case, both the employer and the employee are required to adhere to the terms of the contract. If you have such a contract of employment and the company has removed you from service in violation of this contract, you have a wrongful termination case.

Violation of Covenant of Good Faith

              You can also file for a wrongful termination suit when you were fired in violation of a covenant of good faith. It takes things further than the contract. You have been performing your duties properly, without any lacks or omissions and if your employer terminates your services, it is a violation of this covenant. Any reason may be involved behind the termination:

  • It had selfish intent.
  • There was deceitful intent involved.
  • It was underhanded.

              Whatever the cause, as long as you are delivering on your performance parameter, your employer cannot terminate you without any valid reason.

Forcing You to Leave Your Job

              Many times an employee’s work conditions are changed in a way to make it difficult or impossible for them to continue working. If you are forced to resign this way, you are a victim of wrongful termination and you should seek damages.

              In such cases, the employer will mostly not express the termination of the job. The worker is forced to resign due to the impossible conditions. However, you should remember that this condition is less likely to be valid if you already knew about the working conditions before apply for the job.

Get Help of a Wrongful Termination Lawyer

              As an employee who has been wrongfully terminated, you can file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. You can take this step without the need for legal help. However, it is always recommended to hire a lawyer to make things easier and improve your chances of winning.

              Even submitting and getting your complaint accepted by the EEOC can be a complex process. You will have to do some investigation and collect some evidence before presenting your case. A specialized wrongful termination attorney can make the task much easier and hassle-free.

Expect a Good Contest

              Companies have their legal departments or attorneys and you must always expect your employer to contest your claims. An employer that admits to wrongful termination is liable to pay a hefty amount in damages. Don’t expect a company to give in without a fight. This makes it even more important to hire the services of a good lawyer.

              So consider all these points before you file for a wrongful termination suit against your former employer.

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              Economic and emotional damages usually occur when these laws are violated. If you believe you may have been the victim of discriminationharassmentretaliation or wrongful termination it is important that you protect your case. Preserve and record any information that might be critical to your case. Such as copies of complaints to your employer about discrimination or harassment or inappropriate text messages or emails.

              Don’t let your employer’s discrimination, harassment and retaliation end in your wrongful termination. Get help instead. We know how to fight against discrimination, harassment and retaliation. We won’t pressure you and we won’t tell your employer. Call Hogie & Campbell for a Free Consultation at (714) 508-6422.

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